Continuous improvement

Every action carried out at SUPSI contributes to the quality of the results produced within its training and research mandates, provision of services and to the quality of the entire institution. In order to ensure the proper functioning of the School and the quality of its actions, a continuous improvement cycle (PDCA) defined in 4 phases is applied to each of the identified key priority processes.

  1. Plan – definition and approval.
  2. Do – execution.
  3. Check – self-assessment.
  4. Act – improvement.

This dynamic of continuous improvement and activity innovation is based on the participation of each employee and on the constant dialogue between the School and its students, the business world, the scientific and artistic community and society as a whole.
In addition to regularly implementing self-assessment procedures, SUPSI periodically initiates a critical comparison with external peers and every 7 years undergoes the accreditation procedure required by the Swiss Accreditation Council to certify the effective quality of the School.