Your academic education in Ticino

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) provides cutting edge, practice-oriented education. It promotes general improvement in basic teaching quality and creates personalised, constantly evolving study programmes for the industrial sector and the service industry.

Located throughout Ticino and Switzerland (Landquart and FFHS locations), the various campuses make up SUPSI’s diffuse university campus.

Degrees Programmes

The teaching programmes lead to an internationally recognised university qualification.

Bachelor's degree courses

Architecture and Construction

Business Management


Engineering and Information Technology


Music and Theatre

Social Work

Teacher Training

Master's degree courses

Business Management


Engineering and Information Technologies


Music and Theatre

Social Work

Teacher Training

Find out more about our university education offer by meeting the Advisory Service Staff (in person or online consulting session) or by attending the Open Day week!

Why study at SUPSI?

  1. Conduct courses with the specific objective of providing students with the knowledge and expertise required in order to promptly find appropriate employment without delay.
  2. Ensure that students acquire specialist, methodological, social and personal skills that allow them to subsequently pursue career paths in line with their potential and their expectations.
  3. Provide continuing education opportunities for those who wish to further their education further in Switzerland or abroad.

SUPSI offers training courses with different attendance methods:

  • Full time (FT)
  • Parallel to professional activity (PPA)
  • Part-time (PT)

In some cases, the blended learning method is also integrated. More information on study mode.

Practical information

Application Procedure

Applications for degree courses for academic year 2022/2023 are open from 22nd November 2021. » More

Fees and scholarships

An overview of the semester fees and which offers scholarship holders targeted support to guide them in their choice of scholarship institutions. » More


To study and live in Switzerland, each student is obliged to be insured against sickness and accidents according to the Swiss Federal Law on Compulsory Health Care (LAMal). In addition, there are other insurance aspects to be considered during the study activity. » More

Military Service

Recruit school lasts for 18 or 21 weeks and those who decide against completing it before beginning their studies can divide it up into portions, without interrupting their studies. » More

Visas and residence permits

There are various regulations governing the right to reside in Canton Ticino. Foreign students who plan to enrol in an educational programme in Ticino must follow the general procedures given here below. » More

Advisory Service

It is easy to begin studying at SUPSI, you just have know where to go and how to approach the academic world. Advisory Service Staff are available for consulting sessions to explain the various programmes and to reassure students about their choices; but also to assist them with practical matters (for example, information regarding services, visas, military service, accommodation, scholarships).
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