The programme management bears the responsibility for the preparation, conduction, evaluation and further development of the programme, on behalf of the three institutions SUPSI, UNINE and Eawag-Sandec. The Scientific Committee advises the programme management on the implementation, evaluation and further development of the programme and ensures the scientific relevance of the programme.

Program Management

Claudio Valsangiacomo, Program leader
Claudio Valsangiacomo is Professor at SUPSI, leading the Centre for Development and Cooperation. He is Faculty Member of the Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+), member of the Swiss humanitarian aid unit and of the Global Task Force for Cholera Control.
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Ellen Milnes
Ellen Milnes is a hydrogeologist and lecturer at University of Neuchâtel with a main focus on research in applied hydrogeology in humanitarian contexts. She has coordinated the WATSAN training course in collaboration with ICRC for the past 14 years and has developed a series of tailor-made trainings for WASH engineers in humanitarian hydrogeology. She is the principal hydrogeologist seconded part-time by SDC to UNHCR, involved in supporting refugee operations in all fields related to hydrogeology.
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Christoph Lüthi
Christoph Lüthi is an urban infrastructure planner with over 25 years of experience in planning and design of urban infrastructure in middle and low-income countries. He has a Master’s Degree in Urban Development Planning from the University College of London (UCL), and a PhD in Urban Planning & Engineering from the TU Berlin. Since 2015 he heads the research department for Sanitation, Water and Solid Waste for Development (Sandec).
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Nicola Palladino
Nicola Palladino is a geographer. Master student at the University of Lausanne, Nicola is currently concluding a specialisation in Development and Environment, with a main focus on community-based natural resource management issues. As assistant at the Centre for Development and Cooperation, he’s the contact person for all CAS WASH logistic related issues.
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Scientific Committee

Argaw Ambelu
Argaw Ambelu is a full professor of Environmental Health at Jimma University. He is working on WASH and Environment Project and consultant to different organizations on WASH and Resilience Measurements. He is supervision more than 10 PhD students on WASH and Environmental Contamination Remediation.
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Jamie Batram
Jamie Bartram is Don and Jennifer Holzworth Distinguished Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he is also director of the Water Institute.  He was formerly coordinator of water sanitation hygiene and health at the World Health Organization’s headquarters.
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Marc-André Bünzli
Marc-André Bünzli is an environmental hydrogeologist head of the Expert Group WASH of the Swiss Humanitarian Aid unit, the operational arm of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and vice-president of the scientific committee supervising the hydrogeological mapping of Chad.
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Sergio Gelli
Sergio Gelli works for the International Committee of the Red Cross- ICRC, as the Energy Initiatives Senior Advisor to the Board of Directors.
Before joining the ICRC and covering roles of progressive responsibilities in the field and at Headquarters where he was until 2018 Deputy Head of the Water and Habitat Unit he worked for various organisations as Consultant in Public Health engineering in the Humanitarian Sector.
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Jürg Utzinger
Jürg Utzinger is the Director of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute and Professor of epidemiology at the University of Basel. He is an expert on the epidemiology and control of neglected tropical diseases and health impact assessment of large infrastructure projects. He is engaged in transnational global health research consortia with ongoing collaborative projects in Côte d’Ivoire, China and elsewhere in Africa and Asia.