Team Management

The Startup Garage Team is made up of persons with different backgrounds but united by the same goal: helping students to succeed in their entrepreneurial initiatives as a good way to keep on studying in a stimulated academic environment.

The Startup Garage Team:

  • encourages students to unveal inventing spirit
  • organizes Call for ideas in order to collect entrepreneurial ideas among students
  • puts Startuppers in contact with best suited Standby Mentors for scientific and technical in a way to make much effective the matching system
  • helps students to develop soft skills that allow Idea Startuppers to improve increase their own professional knowledge
  • supports and motivates Idea Startuppers to overcome difficult times and situations in a way to learn how team-oriented attitude is useful
  • promotes a space where students can be watched working on their ideas by local companies.
  • helps promising Idea Startuppers to eventually go further in their entrepreneurial adventure
Mauro Citraro
Startup Garage Founder
Ph.D. in Economics
Cristina Carcano
Communication Expert
Tatiana Cataldo
Master of Science in Business Administration
Mayor Innovation management
Alan Righetti
Master of Science in Business Administration
Mayor Innovation management
Lorenzo Sommaruga
Web Technology
Silvano Cometta
Lifescience background
Startups Founder
Claudia Perin
ICT Expert
Startup Mentor